Back to Cool~~~

Hello, again Me Oui Fans!

Aaaahhhhhh! Back to school has arrived! What an exciting but chaotic time... Elizabeth is anxious about what to wear, how to do her hair & nails, which shoes to buy... the list goes on and on. But never fear, mommy’s magical touch is here!

*Shopping for Back to School*

Thank goodness for online shopping! Whew!

This year, we’ve decided to go with cute, chic Asian-import fashion combined with sparkles & stars from Me Oui and Tiny You.

 1. Dress is from Dino Bebe (Amazon)

2. Knee high socks are from Vanaeit Baby’s Eva & Elvin (eBay)

3. Hair clips are from Me Oui, of course! These stars will turn any hair into sparkling beauty ;) 

4. “Natural as mud” nail polish is by Piggy Paint in Fairy Fabulous (Tiny You)

5. And finally, Elizabeth decided to re-vamp her Sketcher’s shoes from last year by using Me Oui hair clips!! 

From this…

To voila, Glam Rock!

TA DA~~~ Elizabeth’s new back-to-school outfit~~

Wishing everyone happy school days for 2015-2016~~


Me Oui Enthusiasts

Elizabeth & Erin

Making a Time Capsule!

Hello, Me Oui Fans!

Sniffle, sniffle… our summer vacation is almost over. Elizabeth and I will miss it greatly, especially since it was full of achievements, fun activities, field trips, arts & crafts, and much more. To commemorate our farewell (sigh~~), we’ve decided to make a time capsule called 

“Goodbye Summer 2015”

**Making a Time Capsule**

Materials: one empty tennis ball can & lid, gold foil origami paper, adhesive sparkle trim, glue stick, scissors, lots of photos & souvenirs, cling film (no worries, all materials can be substituted to your taste ^^)

1. Decorate the empty tennis ball can and lid

2.  Gather special pictures and souvenirs to include in the time capsule –- attach a short message on the back

*Inside Out movie tix from July - we’ll always remember the moment we laughed and cried together

*Elizabeth’s graduation ceremony from June

*Three friends all showing off their Me Oui hair clips

*Mini-golf rounding with Grandpa

*Elizabeth’s Tae Kwon Do promotion to Yellow Belt in August

*Bracelet & ring crafts

*Field trip to World of Wings

3.  Stuff all rolled-up pics and small items from above into the time capsule

4. Close it tight, then wrap it in cling film for water-proofing. Now we’re ready to bury it in our backyard until next summer

Summer 2016 here we come~~


Me Oui Enthusiasts

Elizabeth & Erin

Don't have any weekend plans yet?

Hello, Me Oui Fans!

Omg, the summer is almost over! Of course, that just means we have to go out and enjoy the sun as much as we can!!! ^^

Having Fun with Friends Rhea and Caitlyn at D.U.M.B.O.

Yay! We finally arrived at D.U.M.B.O in Brooklyn via East River Ferry service from LIC!

What a grand view of the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Wow!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Elizabeth, Rhea & Caitlyn were all so happy tagging each other through the infinite maze.

Then they ran off to the Carousel, haha so predictable!

And then to the stained glass house…

Next they zoomed their way to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Sweeeet~

Hmmm…  deciding where to go next. 

They were like two Alices in Wonderland. Ah ha! Follow the path to the playground at Pier 6 where the gigantic sprinklers are!

And they finally reached the long-awaited destination!

We all had so much fun at D.U.M.B.O. You must make a trip there and try all the fun activities too before the summer’s over!!

Until next time~ Keep cool~~


Me Oui Enthusiasts

Elizabeth & Erin


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