Back to Cool~~~

Hello, again Me Oui Fans!

Aaaahhhhhh! Back to school has arrived! What an exciting but chaotic time... Elizabeth is anxious about what to wear, how to do her hair & nails, which shoes to buy... the list goes on and on. But never fear, mommy’s magical touch is here!

*Shopping for Back to School*

Thank goodness for online shopping! Whew!

This year, we’ve decided to go with cute, chic Asian-import fashion combined with sparkles & stars from Me Oui and Tiny You.

 1. Dress is from Dino Bebe (Amazon)

2. Knee high socks are from Vanaeit Baby’s Eva & Elvin (eBay)

3. Hair clips are from Me Oui, of course! These stars will turn any hair into sparkling beauty ;) 

4. “Natural as mud” nail polish is by Piggy Paint in Fairy Fabulous (Tiny You)

5. And finally, Elizabeth decided to re-vamp her Sketcher’s shoes from last year by using Me Oui hair clips!! 

From this…

To voila, Glam Rock!

TA DA~~~ Elizabeth’s new back-to-school outfit~~

Wishing everyone happy school days for 2015-2016~~


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