Making a Time Capsule!

Hello, Me Oui Fans!

Sniffle, sniffle… our summer vacation is almost over. Elizabeth and I will miss it greatly, especially since it was full of achievements, fun activities, field trips, arts & crafts, and much more. To commemorate our farewell (sigh~~), we’ve decided to make a time capsule called 

“Goodbye Summer 2015”

**Making a Time Capsule**

Materials: one empty tennis ball can & lid, gold foil origami paper, adhesive sparkle trim, glue stick, scissors, lots of photos & souvenirs, cling film (no worries, all materials can be substituted to your taste ^^)

1. Decorate the empty tennis ball can and lid

2.  Gather special pictures and souvenirs to include in the time capsule –- attach a short message on the back

*Inside Out movie tix from July - we’ll always remember the moment we laughed and cried together

*Elizabeth’s graduation ceremony from June

*Three friends all showing off their Me Oui hair clips

*Mini-golf rounding with Grandpa

*Elizabeth’s Tae Kwon Do promotion to Yellow Belt in August

*Bracelet & ring crafts

*Field trip to World of Wings

3.  Stuff all rolled-up pics and small items from above into the time capsule

4. Close it tight, then wrap it in cling film for water-proofing. Now we’re ready to bury it in our backyard until next summer

Summer 2016 here we come~~


Me Oui Enthusiasts

Elizabeth & Erin